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In physics, opposites attract and like repel.  Does this apply in biology?

I am no scientist, but I remember during my childhood loving to play with magnets and the more powerful the attraction, the more thrilled I was.  The “positively” charged ion would draw the “negative” charged ion forcefully, whereas a like “positive” would be pushed powerfully away.

In relationships it is commonly heard; opposites attract.  I know I am drawn to those who are different to me.  I am intrigued, fascinated, interested to learn more.  However, I am comfortable, relaxed, complete when sharing like ideas and conversations with others of a similar nature to myself.

Then there are the opposites in nature that I consider to be cruel or unkind, and I certainly have no attraction to this!  In nature, I am positively drawn to what I consider to be positive attributes, leading me to believe we are drawn to positive (another commonly stated fact).

I try and stay positive; the charge is not always at full strength but when I feel the negativity I boost my effort.

I don’t want to repel others by being negative.  Thinking on my depressed and low phases however, I seem to have drawn other depressed people to me; but I didn’t want to attract that I needed positivity.  However, the positive seemed drained by me and pulled away!  I lost friends.

I can now experience such feel good times, they amaze even me!  I believe improvement is possible, positive thoughts work.  When a friend is down, I want to inspire and share with them a little of my euphoria to say, if I can get over my obstacles so can they.  I won’t be the friend that turns away.  But this is where sometimes my positivity seems to work against me.  I perceive they feel their pain (emotional or physical) must be worse than mine, or I couldn’t possibly be as I am.  I back off (a little), at this moment they do feel worse than me, I got through it.  They don’t want to hear it, not yet.  So can we be too positive for others?  Can we seem unreal? Do we make ourselves something enviable instead of inspirational?

So, my final thought is, do we need to acquire an understanding of balance?  To be mindful of timing?  We need to experience sadness to appreciate happiness.  We are an amalgamation of positive and negative emotions and traits.  Learning to allow ourselves to be both, have empathy for others in their negative and take pleasure in their positive.  Acknowledge we can be attracted to negative, positive and indeed neutral for our own individual reasons.

We, as humans, are not an exact science – we are an “oxymoron” (I love that word)!  Enjoy a balanced day …..





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