Successful Failure ……

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If we don’t try, we don’t know – fact.

I have tried so many things in my life, some I have even done well!  I was one of those people who aimed for perfection, so I always set myself up for failure as no one is perfect.

Importantly do everything for YOU!

  • Learn a new subject, if it’s of interest to you
  • Go on that holiday, if you want to go there
  • Spend time with people who you love to be with
  • Cook the food you want to eat.

Everything we do that is OUR choice, we will enjoy whatever the outcome.

  • I tried dressmaking, unwearable results – but I had fun trying
  • My paintings won’t sell – but I can lose myself in creative abandon
  • Dancing, no medals – but wow do I feel good
  • Singing – who doesn’t think they sound good in the shower!

When we do things for others, our failure is almost guaranteed!

  • My husband said I needed to lose weight, I put in on!
  • Joined a gym to keep a friend company – I HATE the gym, wasted the membership!
  • Took tennis lessons – I have weak wrists – lost every point, inevitable!
  • Decorated to “help” but I can’t climb ladders – half a wall and pain for a week!

So yes try things, but be ready for inevitable failures.  I can now accept my outcomes and I love I have tried.  We get one life, don’t let it be “I wonder if I could’ve done x, y or z, find out.  If it’s not a perfect result, don’t worry about, no one else will, not really.  You can always try something different.

I have a chronic pain illness, brain cyst and co-ordination problems, so things often don’t work out in reality the way I imagine.  I used to fret, fear not getting it right.  Lacked confidence in myself, worried I wouldn’t be as good as everyone else, it would stop me trying.  Life passes by and you lose the opportunities.  Grab them, reach out with both hands and just go for it.  Don’t leave it too late, I am glad I tried things years ago as now my health wouldn’t let me – my horse riding and motorbike track days are memories – but what memories!  I believe we all have at least one thing that will be ideal for us, and maybe something different in each new decade.  Now, I have my yoga, it’s perfect for me.  In this I can never fail as I acknowledge what is, and “what is” changes constantly.

Some days things go well, others they don’t – that’s life!    I have a few successes but probably more failures but, to keep it positive, I have decided I am a “Successful Failure” as I successfully tried didn’t I!










We can so easily go along to the class our friend wants us to go to with them.  But it’s their choice and they will enjoy far more and be more motivated.


I am, learning acceptance.  Acceptance of myself.


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